twenty-seven (the death of the year)

I am interested in usable truths. I am interested in food I can eat, water I can drink, and stories I can tell. I am interested in doorways and roads: leading in, leading out. I am interested in stones, particularly the stones that mark the path we must walk tonight. My mother … Continue reading

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twenty-four (the poem he wrote for her)

She had, for some time, been considering the poem he wrote for her. This poem in which she did not recognise herself. It was true that she had worn black for many years; that she lived in mourning for some part of herself she could not name.In her own dreams, … Continue reading

Author : nike

thirteen (five and twenty men)

for Darryl Chalk Fracastoro blamed the gown. Veronese, it was, and furred. Centuries later Mead, the gentle physic, wrote that furrs, feather, silk, hair, wool, cotton, flax* could imprison and release contagion. But back then, the men were fools, and nothing so precious as my fur could be burned. One after another … Continue reading

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One (the apple in this poem)

I set a writer I am working with the challenge of writing a 200-word story every day for two weeks. Each one has to be self-contained: each one featuring a new story, a new character/s. I firmly believe that I should never set someone a task I wouldn’t be prepared to undertake … Continue reading

Author : nike

the invitation to cut

I remember discovering this poem once, which evoked that particular kind of feeling – a cross between pain, nostalgia and something else – that is akin to the feeling you get when you put your tongue into the place where your tooth used to be. This was many years ago. It was a … Continue reading

Author : nike

Interview about writing

Today, I answer some questions from Adam Mills over at Weird Fiction. You can also read an extract from Rupetta (The Miracle of Consciousness) published free and online in the same issue. There’s also little review of Rupetta included here. I’m all over that place!

Author : nike
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