Conversing about Corpses

This month, I was invited to participate in an online version of the Exquisite Cadaver parlour game, being hosted/published over at The Conversation. I was #7 in a series of ten writers who participated. We each received an email with the preceding entries, and were given about 24 hours to … Continue reading

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Death, Dildoes and Daffodils: a queer winter’s tale (full paper)

A little while ago, I delivered a creative paper at the ANZSA (Australia and New Zealand Shakespeare Association). I posted the abstract for this paper on my blog a while ago, and thought I’d follow up by sharing the text of the performance. The piece is an examination of the … Continue reading

Author : nike

Death, Dildoes & Daffodils: A Queer Winter’s Tale

The following is the proposal for a paper/presentation I’m hoping to deliver at the 2014 ANZSA (Australia and New Zealand Shakespearean Association)¬†conference, Shakespearean Perceptions. The conference will take place at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, October 2-4, 2014. Abstract This paper is a creative excavation of the temporal … Continue reading

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