‘Owlbit’ by Maija Lindbergs

I just wanted to share this gorgeous little snippet Maija Lindbergs wrote in class today, when we were messing about with viewpoint and grammatical POV. Maija is a final-year student of Creative Media, and she’s AWESOME, as you’re about to find out … POV: Third Person Viewpoint Character: Owlbit Owlbit was a … Continue reading

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SS Ming Hua

No 200 words today! That’s because, instead, I’ve written a guest post/piece of short memoir about my time aboard the SS Ming Hua, as a guest post on Rebecca Jessen’s blog. To read about the pleasures of cruising the Pacific aboard this wonder of the 1980s, take a trip back in … Continue reading

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thirty-eight (terminus pty ltd)

This GUEST POST in the 200 words/200 days series is brought to you by the lovely and talented Ms Maria Arena. I’ve written about Maria’s most recent book, a young adult horror novel, Sisterhood before. After you’ve read this lovely taster of her deep, broad talent, you should visit her online, where … Continue reading

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