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Here’s a little list of things I’ve been working on of late … I’d love to hear all about your recent successes, or works in progress, too ūüôā Poems (out now): ‘All the things I Kept’ in Cordite (Monster) ‘Strange Men’ in Southerly (Violence 78.3) – TW for sexual assault … Continue reading

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2018: revolutions, resolutions and ramblings

The new year has just started, all shimmery and golden. As Anne (with an ‘e’) was rather fond of saying about tomorrow: the new year is fresh, with no mistakes in it. [Not that mistakes are something to worry about: we need to slip and stumble and fall to learn, … Continue reading

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seventy-three (the arc of a bird’s flight)

after we are dead nobody will remember the way you looked at me this afternoon or the way your hand / grazed by sunlight perfectly described the arc of a bird‚Äôs flight someone else will walk along this road / and see that same tree / older now and bent … Continue reading

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ADULT CONTENT WARNING: The following post contains images of nudity. And art.  Recently, I attended an excellent conference on the theme of excess and desire in contemporary women’s writing. One of the papers I attended included an analysis of Kim Kardashian’s nude IWD (International Women’s Day) selfie of 2016, using … Continue reading

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The first straw man (on writing about Others)

On September 8, Lionel Shriver gave a keynote address at the Brisbane Writers Festival that galvanised several people into action, commentary and anger. Yassmin Abdel-Magied walked out of the session and wrote about her reasons for doing so. Others have written in defence of what they saw as Shriver’s key … Continue reading

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‘Richilde’ by Johann Karl August Mus√§us (as translated by William Thomas Beckford)

Perhaps the earliest literary (or written) version of the tale English speakers know as ‘Snow White’ appears in a collection of German folktales that precedes the Grimms’ first publication, in 1812, by about thirty years. In 1782, Johann Karl August Mus√§us published his Volksm√§rchen der Deutschen, an early collection of German folktales … Continue reading

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sixty-two (tongue. key)

I was born by the side of the road in a year nobody remembers. Meaning not that nobody remembers that year, but that nobody who was there when I was born recorded the fact of my birth, or recalls it, or is still alive. Except for my sister. I don’t … Continue reading

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Wind Knots and the Polychronicon

The¬†Polychronicon¬†is a chronicle of the British Isles, written by Ranulf Higden (c. 1280-1364), a Benedictine monk¬†of the¬†monastery of St. Werburgh¬†in¬†Chester. Ranulf apparently travelled throughout the north of Great Britain¬†after becoming a monk in 1299, when he was just nineteen years old. The¬†Polychronicon¬†is a work in seven books (in imitation of … Continue reading

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Review of Australian Fiction/The Nature of Things

Guess what! The latest issue of the Review of Australian Fiction features a brand new story by Jessica White, and another by me. Jessica¬†is a country girl from New South Wales who, at¬†just¬†four years of age, lost most of her hearing¬†due to¬†meningitis. Being a determined little girl, she refused to … Continue reading

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fifty-two (the craft of loneliness)

Some afternoons I would sit on the back deck and do nothing for so long that the light would fall out of the world. There is a moment, unfixable, between day and night, when you still believe you can see the¬†wrens darting about. But then the light is truly gone, … Continue reading

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