Small Indiscretions

In 2009, Felicity Castagna visited Olvar Wood. She was one of four recipients of an Olvar Wood Fellowship Award, alongside Paul Garretty, Les Zigomanis and Kylie Mulcahy. We had the pleasure of reading Felicity’s work, and of working with her as part of the Fellowship as she further developed her … Continue reading

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Over at The Guardian they have a very cool series in the ‘Children’s Books’ section where various illustrators provide instructions on illustrating for young artists. My favourite is by Oliver Jeffers. Jeffers is an artist and illustrator. We have a few of Jeffers’s books about the house, including one of … Continue reading

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Avoir un coeur d’artichaut

One at a time, prepare the artichokes as follows: Remove the stem by bending it at the base of the artichoke until it snaps off, thus detaching with the stem any tough filaments which may have pushed up into the heart. Break off the small leaves at the base of … Continue reading

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The Wine-Dark Sea

An extract from my work in progress has been published in the latest issue of Kurungabaa, alongside some great fiction, poetry and non-fiction. There’s an essay by Chris Morgan called ‘Surfing with Camus’, poetry by e e cummings, John Egan and Gail Willems, and some great writing on surf, sea … Continue reading

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