nineteen (the ballad of the sea-bass)

They say that on Wednesday, the fourscore of April, a great fish rose above the waters and began to sing. It was a wintry day; cold and blue. Her scales glittered like wet sequins. While she sang, she waved her pectoral fins, as though she danced upon the air. Clouds formed around her, … Continue reading

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fourteen (death, dildoes and daffodils, Act IV, Scene iv)

ear Winter, come you further in, fingering the wormholes of Hermione’s heart? Sixteen times she and I have wintered in this hall, warmed each other’s beds. She has risen over me, ridden high as a conqueror on the waves of my flesh And I, divided, have fallen eagerly beneath each … Continue reading

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Death, Dildoes & Daffodils: A Queer Winter’s Tale

The following is the proposal for a paper/presentation I’m hoping to deliver at the 2014 ANZSA (Australia and New Zealand Shakespearean Association) conference, Shakespearean Perceptions. The conference will take place at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, October 2-4, 2014. Abstract This paper is a creative excavation of the temporal … Continue reading

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