sixty-one (revolutionary etude, for the left hand)

There are an enormous number of general empirical propositions that count as certain for us. One such is that if someone’s arm is cut off it will not grow again (L Wittgenstein, On Certainty) There were nine of them to begin with. Children, that is. Ten, if you count poor Dora, dead … Continue reading

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Dying in the First Person

I have the most amazing news! Next year, in May*, my new book, Dying in the First Person, will be released by Transit Lounge. I received the edits yesterday, and they confirm everything I believe about the enormous benefits of a good editor. They make the work better; they work … Continue reading

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Women Count (Miles Franklin Literary Award)

A little over a week ago, the rather fabulous Nicola Griffith posted some interesting statistics about gender and literary awards. In particular, she looked not just at the gender of award-winners, but the gender of the subjects of their books. As she writes: When women win literary awards for fiction it’s … Continue reading

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Uchronic, or queer in no time: wilful subjects in historical fiction

And one more. This is a draft abstract for a paper I hope to deliver at the annual conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP), in Melbourne this November. The conference title is: Writing the Ghost Train: Rewriting, Remaking, Rediscovering. Abstract: Uchronic, or queer in no time: wilful … Continue reading

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Death and the m(AI)den

The following is the abstract for a paper I’m hoping to deliver at the upcoming inaugural conference of the Australasian Death Studies Network: Death, Dying, and the Undead: Contemporary Approaches and Practice. The conference (which I’ll be attending either way!) will be held at UCQ’s Noosa Campus on October 25 … Continue reading

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Baking with Khoo

Those of you who know me, will know I have a bit of a celebrity chef crush on the lovely Miss Rachel Khoo. It all started with her cooking show, The Little Paris Kitchen. There are many things that I enjoyed about Rachel’s program, but perhaps one the key things was … Continue reading

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Tiptree Award News & Reflections

Last year, my life got shaken, rattled and stirred. It was one of those years that changed the very foundations of my life. One of the amazing things that happened was that I won the 2013 James Tiptree, Jr Award for my novel, Rupetta. This award is presented annually by a panel … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month

  Gillian Polack, a historian and writer (can you be one and not the other?) has recently been celebrating Women’s History Month over at her blog/livejournal by inviting an impressive number of women writers to provide guest blogs about overcoming obstacles. My contribution is one of the last to go … Continue reading

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fifty-eight (the girl in this poem)

The girl in this poem does not love you She’s just a girl, after all one syllable, four letters barely a phoneme, she’s just a noun, common as a lettuce or a paperclip. The woman who wrote it on the other hand is a wreath of bones and blood wrapped round … Continue reading

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