On reading Anne Frank/On censorship

When I was staying in Amsterdam, I visited Anne Frank House. It was a quiet January morning. I arrived early and wandered through the exhibition, which includes both introductory material about Anne, her family, and the other inhabitants of the Achterhuis during the war, the attic rooms themselves, and (once … Continue reading

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Interview about writing

Today, I answer some questions from Adam Mills over at Weird Fiction. You can also read an extract from Rupetta (The Miracle of Consciousness) published free and online in the same issue. There’s also little review of Rupetta included here. I’m all over that place!

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Germaine Greer and gay marriage

  Germaine Greer recently took it upon herself to comment on the debates about gay marriage. Now, first I have to say that I have a great deal of respect for Germaine. She’s difficult, noisy, articulate, passionate, awkward, intelligent and all kinds of other adjectives. She says what she thinks, … Continue reading

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Three Act Structure

I’m not a huge fan of three act structure if it’s talked about as the ONLY structure available to writers or other creators who work with narrative, or – as in this TED talk created by the educator Matthew Winkler – people say that it’s a universal mythic structure that … Continue reading

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