Literary Quality Assurance Scheme

by nike, August 30, 2010

Here’s a little snippet from Richard Glover’s column in the weekend paper, which made me smile:

Bring back the typewriter

It was difficult to write a long novel using a typewriter. You’d have to pound away in a fog of Tipp-Ex and carbon fumes. Occasionally people like Dylan Thomas would write something really good and then lose the only copy when drunk in a New York cab. Now anybody with a word processor and a creative writing degree is pounding out 100,000 mediocre words on a five-book deal. A typewriter was its own quality-assurance scheme: only those with something to say could be bothered mastering such cumbersome technology. We had fewer, shorter and better books. Don’t just bring back the typewriter, make it mandatory. (August 14, 2010. SMH Spectrum)

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