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What have I been up to lately? Here’s a list of a few recent publications … ‘Night Drive’ (a poem) in Verity La. ‘The Beautiful Husband’ (a short story) in Social Alternatives (Volume 36, no 3) A Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge ‘review’ of Dickens’s David Copperfield at Going Down Swinging. … Continue reading

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April Means … Porridge

This morning, it was cool enough – after a weekend of drizzling rain, including a blissful Sunday afternoon by the fire – to break out the oats. There’s something wonderfully satisfying about the first bowl of porridge for the year. The winter veges are planted, the grass has stopped growing … Continue reading

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John Birmingham Stands Up

Last night, we went to see John Birmingham do a gig at the Maleny Community Centre. Part of a series of ‘in conversations’ with writers, organised by the local author Steven Lang, supported by Arts Queensland, and run under the title ‘Outspoken’. Birmo is an engaging, funny and relaxed speaker: … Continue reading

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