eleven (kitchen hand waiter coffee guru)

The advertisement called for a tall man, to work in a ‘small close nit cafe’. She imagined this lice-ridden giant reaching up to the high shelves in the café, and wondered who had put things up so high in the first place. Perhaps it was one of the curiously mixed … Continue reading

Author : nike

ten (the divide)

It was my sister who came, down from the mountain, when the rest of them refused. I hadn’t seen her in ten or eleven years, but she was largely unchanged. ‘Come home,’ she said, kissing my cheek. ‘I can’t,’ I said, kissing hers in return. My groom was sleeping by … Continue reading

Author : nike

nine (the man in the blue coat)

They stood just inside the doorway, wrapping themselves in coats and scarves. Finally, the grandmother grasped the young girl and pulled her close, kissing her on both cheeks. ‘One kiss is yours,’ she said. ‘The other is for your husband.”I don’t have a husband,’ said the girl. Her grandmother buttoned her … Continue reading

Author : nike

Two (delete everything)

Delete everything*, she said. And we thought, perhaps, she meant only the difficult things. The things that would betray us. But everything also meant that time we dyed one of the chickens blue, accidentally of course, and then blow-dried it through the wire of its pen. Everything meant that kiss … Continue reading

Author : nike

One (the apple in this poem)

I set a writer I am working with the challenge of writing a 200-word story every day for two weeks. Each one has to be self-contained: each one featuring a new story, a new character/s. I firmly believe that I should never set someone a task I wouldn’t be prepared to undertake … Continue reading

Author : nike
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