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Just discovered this great discussion of/around¬†Rupetta. The podcast discussion includes two episodes, one discussing various ideas and para-texts prior to reading the novel, and the other a post-reading discussion. It’s always a little disconcerting listening to/being privy to other people’s discussion of your work, but I really enjoyed hearing Adrian … Continue reading

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The first review

This morning I woke in the glorious and incredibly welcoming city of York. After a lovely breakfast in the hotel dining room I came upstairs and guess what had landed in my inbox? The first review of Rupetta. Rick Kleffel over at bookotron says: Contemporary author N. A. Sulway’s striking … Continue reading

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On Reviewing

In this month’s ALR Geordie Williamson and John Dale have their say about the current state of Australian literary criticism, partly as a contribution to the ongoing dialogue generated by Gideon Haigh’s piece ‘Feeding the Hand That Bites‘, and partly as an apperitif in preparation for a panel discussion at … Continue reading

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