On reading ‘All My Puny Sorrows’ by Miriam Toews

SPOILER ALERT: This long ramble about Miriam Toews’ All My Puny Sorrows includes a discussion of the book’s ending. You can safely read right up till the ‘spoiler alert’ graphic. Also, the book (and my ramblings about reading it) includes discussions of suicide. Just sayin’. šŸ™‚ I belong to a … Continue reading

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2015 Australian Women Writers Challenge

The Australian Women Writers Challenge was founded in 2012 by Elizabeth Lhuede. On the AWW website, she writes: Are male authors more likely to have their books reviewed in influential newspapers, magazines and literary journals than female authors? They are according to theĀ VIDA count, an analysis of major book reviewing … Continue reading

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The doubtful reader

As a reader, I’m fairly hard to please. I never used to be. As a small child I would happily read cereal boxes, ticket stubs, IKEA instructions. But, these days, my tastes have changed. Lately, I’ve read some amazing books, including Lauren Groff’s Arcadia, Wade Davis’s The Wayfinders (based on … Continue reading

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