lots of people go mad in January; not as many as in May …

May is coming, and with it, the release of my new novel, Dying in the First Person, which is being released by my fabulous publisher, Transit Lounge. This may send me mad (if I’m not already). Writing this book has been a long, slow process. It has been written during a period of extraordinary … Continue reading

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The life of a writer is, as you probably know, a lot of time of quiet, pyjama-clad desperation punctuated by occasional bursts of socialising or special events. Today is a special event day, with pyjamas. Today, the author copies of Dying in the First Person arrived. Let me set the scene … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal and date claimer (Dying In The First Person)

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything, but I’ve been busy. Promise! My big news is that the new novel is as close to being ready as it can get. Edits done. Cover designed. Release date locked in. Transit Lounge have done a beautiful job of transforming my … Continue reading

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Dying in the First Person

I have the most amazing news! Next year, in May*, my new book, Dying in the First Person, will be released by Transit Lounge. I received the edits yesterday, and they confirm everything I believe about the enormous benefits of a good editor. They make the work better; they work … Continue reading

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The Limbo Cafe

twenty-three (at the limbo cafe)

Today – oh joy of joys! – a guest post from the inestimable Jane Bryony Rawson. Jane is the author of A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists (published by Transit Lounge), which has most recently been shortlisted for the Most Underrrated Book Award 2014. Writing in The … Continue reading

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