Welcome to the new Perilous Adventures

by nike, January 12, 2013

… and to a fresh new look and direction for Perilous Adventures.

For the past several years, Perilous has been an online magazine, featuring interviews with writers, and lots of wonderful new works. You can still access the archive of material by visiting our old site here …

In 2013, Perilous will be continuing to feature articles about writing from all over the world, including interviews with writers, reviews of new books, news about upcoming events or exciting opportunities, and much more. But in a more dynamic online style, and with more of an international focus.

Of course, I’ll also continue to offer mentorships and appraisals, and a handful of small but interesting and exciting online courses.

For now, here’s a sneak peak of glorious Amsterdam, the city of canals and books, where I’ll be meeting lots of writers, exploring bookshops and the famous weekly boekmarkt, and finding out what it’s like to write in the Netherlands.


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